Hi explorer!

How would you like your trip?

You're about to enter Freesound space, a three-dimensional galaxy in which each star represents a sound on http://freesound.org.

Before entering, you may choose what kinds of stars/sounds to include in your view of the galaxy by selecting one or more categories (Freesound tags). Left-click on a word to include that type of sound. Right-click (or hold Shift while clicking) to specifically exclude sounds of that kind.

When you're happy with your tag selections, grab a towel and click GO to warp in.

View a slide presentation with background and detail on the technologies used: (PDF)

Created by the Audio Commons team of the Sónar Innovation Challenge 2017: Emilio Molina, Mónica Rikić, CJ Carr, Lefteris Stamellos and Daniel Lopez.

Thanks to the challenge mentors: Dmitry Bogdanov, Eduardo Fonseca and Xavier Favory.